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Condoms Sanamed Duo Lubricated X 3

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Experience the emotional power of true sexual intimacy that comes from feeling protected. When you use Sanamed DUO lubricated condoms you have the freedom to enjoy the pleasure of an enriched intimacy and sexual creativity. Live a spontaneous moment. Use kisses and caresses to spend an unforgettable moment and never forget the natural and lubricated feeling that Sanamed condoms give you.


  • Sanamed DUO Lubricated Condoms are made of latex and are lubricated with silicone oil which makes it safe and interesting to use with toys.
  • They come in their presentation Sanamed DUO lubricated x3 so that you can use it as much as you want, feeling all the pleasure and naturalness that you can imagine.
  • Condoms are an excellent barrier method of protection, they are inexpensive and easy to use.
  • It is recommended to use a new condom each time you are going to have sexual intercourse, it should be removed while the penis is still erect, and it should be tied in a knot and disposed of in the trash.

What are you doing?

Sanamed DUO lubricated condoms will make the sexual act interesting, as they are softer, which will make you feel even more pleasure and more natural during the sexual act, all while protecting yourself from sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies.

How to use:

The way to use the Sanamed DUO lubricated Condoms is very simple, just open it at the corner where it is indicated to open, this will be done only with your fingers, after that you will place it on the erect penis, placing the hood towards outside, gently unrolling the entire length of the penis until it is completely covered. It is important to squeeze the tip to prevent air from remaining inside the condom.

Technical specifications:

  • Elastic and smooth surface for a more comfortable sensation
  • Made of highly elastic, natural rubber latex
  • Reduced smell of latex thanks to the fragrance that neutralizes it
  • silicone-based lubricants
  • With device for sperm
  • Width 52mm +/- 2mm. min length 160 mm
  • Electronically verified
  • For single use
  • Contains 3 units

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