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Retardant Rings Kit

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Color: Negro

They are rings designed in elastic material, which adhere to the size of the penis.

These rings help stop the blood flow that accumulates in the penis during erection and sexual intercourse, preventing it from going down into the body again, thus achieving more lasting and powerful erections, preventing you from losing rigidity on the spot.

The STAY HARD Retardant Ring kit is made up of three rings of different sizes and fulfill different functions:

The largest is used at the base of the penis and behind the testicles, which
Helps prevent premature ejaculation.

The medium is used in the middle area of ‚Äč‚Äčthe penis to achieve more powerful erections.

The smaller ring is used at the base of the glans head, stimulating
nerve endings, managing to generate more pleasant sensations and orgasms
more intense masculine

Get to know the best spray retardants that we have available to you.

How is the Retardant Ring Kit used?

They are placed on the penis when it is erect, according to the function they
you plan to give Remember to use the rings for a maximum of 30 minutes, and then massage everything
the member so that the blood circulates again on a regular basis.
We recommend not using all three rings at the same time.

If you feel difficulty removing them, use scissors to cut the ring.

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