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Osly Anal Lubricant

by Osly
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Fears are never good, or they will not be as pleasant as taking risks; the same goes for anal sex. If what you are looking for is pleasure from behind, OSLY INTIMY Anal Lubricant will give you the key to get the little treasure that so many are looking for.

Getting started in anal sex has never been so easy, penetration will be easy and pleasant. It will seem like being on a cloud (but with pleasure). Now you will have real sensations, as well as trying a new sweet every day.

Taking a taste of something new is always tasty, but with this lubricant you're going to eat the whole plate. Are you still thinking about whether you should buy it?

Anal sex the order of the day

If you have tried it over and over again with your partner, but nothing works, here is the ace up your sleeve. We all have our wishes, this lubricant will allow you to make them come true and that's good.

Such a pleasant and comfortable sexual act will be routine now, because you will not have to be afraid or ashamed. When desire speaks, you have to fulfill it.

The best relationships as a couple will come from the hand of this OSLY INTIMY anal lubricant. They say out there that whoever uses it will not have to spend another night with their hands on their heads.

Caution! Product with high levels of pleasure.

What you need to know about OSLY IMTIMY LUBRICANT

  • Easy and pleasurable anal sex .
  • Faster dilation for better sensation.
  • Perfect for massaging the anal area and preparing the ground.
  • The main course you need after a good movie.

Said by its own manufacturers, this product is made with love so that you can make love very well.


Osly Anal Lubricant Don't be afraid or ashamed

Apply a sufficient amount on the anus, 10 minutes before starting penetration. Help yourself with a gentle massage to dilate and for the lubricant to come into action correctly. When dilation is adequate, proceed to penetration.

Get ready to enjoy anal sex like no one has told you.


In the event of any unfavorable reaction, consult your doctor and discontinue the use of the lubricant.


External use, keep in a cool and dry place, keep out of the reach of children. It is not a contraceptive nor does it contain any spermicidal agent.

Technical details


Content: 30 ml.

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