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Dynamo Ultra Retarder

by Dynamo
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This is one of the products to combat premature ejaculation most used by men. It is a sexual retardant spray that is applied directly to the head and bridle of the penis, seeking to reduce hypersensitivity, which is one of the main causes of men reaching orgasm prematurely.

Its formula is quickly absorbed and contains natural extracts that help keep the skin hydrated and lubricated. Its components are completely safe to use with condoms.

Dynamo Ultra for a Longer Erection

How do retardants work?

There are different types of sexual retardants on the market, and their components vary according to the degree of sensitivity that needs to be eliminated. For this reason, some contain natural extracts to relax and slightly eliminate the sensitivity of the sexual organ, or some that contain anesthetic substances. Locals such as lidocaine or benzocaine, which eliminate penile hypersensitivity. Perfect so that no man suffers more from premature ejaculation.


  • It is not toxic.
  • Safe with latex condoms.
  • Contains natural extracts.
  • It is soluble in water.
  • Quick absorption.
  • Spray atomizer.
  • Control premature ejaculation.

What are you doing?

The dynamo ultra sexual retardant is a product designed to combat premature ejaculation, eliminating the hypersensitivity of the nerve endings of the sexual organ, thereby prolonging the sexual act for longer.
These products are not only useful in cases of premature ejaculation, you can also use them to completely satisfy your partner, avoiding reaching orgasm before her.

How is it made?

  • Aloe vera: plant associated with skin hydration, with anti-inflammatory and antibiotic properties.
  • Maca: an ancient plant from the Andes, associated with better physical performance (energy and resistance), as well as erectile dysfunction and increased sexual desire.
  • Damiana: Wild plant that grows in Mexico and Central America, associated with vitality, producing: energy, increased sexual desire and frequency of orgasms.
  • Ginseng: Traditional Chinese medicine plant, associated with improvement in physical and mental performance, as well as activation of the immune system and erectile dysfunction.
  • Hemp Oil: Extracted from Cannabis sativa seeds, it has analgesic properties, improves muscle performance and sensory perception of temperature.

How to use

apply the spray retardant 1 to 3 times directly on the glans and back of the penis, where the frenulum is located. You should apply it about 2 or 5 minutes before sex, spreading the product over the glans to the base of the penis while it is erect.

Once the product has taken effect, you should preferably wash so that your partner does not feel the residual taste left by the product during oral sex. You must take into account the effect of the sexual retardant to control premature ejaculation is 30 minutes maximum.

Technical specification

Presentation: Aluminum container with atomizer.
Net content of 15 ml or 5oz.

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