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Sen Intimate Retardant

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Sen Intimate Retardant will make you feel the best sensations, prolonging your time before ejaculation. It is a sexual retardant spray that will make erections last longer, delaying the moment of ejaculation and making the sexual act more lasting.

Lasting longer in bed is always important for every man, so it is essential that they trust our products. What are you waiting for to have this fabulous experience? Lasting in bed will be your forte now that you can rely on this high quality sexual retardant.


  • Spray.
  •   It is water based.
  •   Contains natural extracts.
  •   It is not toxic.
  • Desensitizing effect.

This intimate retardant is perfect for controlling premature ejaculation because it reduces the hypersensitivity of the nerve endings of the penis, increasing the pleasure time of the man and his partner.

How to use

apply the spray retardant 1 to 3 times directly on the glans and back of the penis, where the frenulum is located. It is important to shake the bottle well before using it. You should apply it about 2 to 5 minutes before sex, spreading from the glans to the base of the penis while it is erect.

Once the product has taken effect, you should preferably wash so that your partner does not feel the residual taste left by the product during oral sex. You must take into account the effect of the sexual retardant to control premature ejaculation is 30 minutes maximum.

Technical specification

  •   water based
  •   Safe with condoms and toys.
  •   It has natural extracts and balanced pH.
  •   It is not toxic.
  •   In Spray.
  • It delays ejaculation and lengthens the sexual act.
  • Quick effect.

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